Dedicated Software Development Team

Empower digital transformation, scaling, or support activities with a well-composed team of domain experts.

Benefits of going for a dedicated development team

The choice of the collaboration framework depends heavily on the exact product creation process and business specifics as well as the level of involvement you will require from the team. Though, engaging dedicated teams is considered one of the most efficient solutions since it brings several huge advantages to the table.

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Faster access to domain experts

The choice of the collaboration framework depends heavily on the exact product creation process and business specifics as well as the level of involvement you will require from the team. Though, engaging dedicated teams is considered one of the most efficient solutions since it brings several huge advantages to the table.

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Painless team size cut or extension

Building a team from scratch is a challenging and not really fast process, especially if your project requires a specific domain or technology expertise. When you need to start right away, it may be way faster and more convenient to engage a team that has relevant projects in its portfolio or is well-acquainted with your technology stack.

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Outstanding cost-effectiveness

Going through the application creation process, you may require a significantly different amount of human resources, which leads to additional risks when working with an in-house team. When engaging a dedicated squad, you can easily extend or cut the team. You also define how much time the team contributes to the project.

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Full control over the project development processes

While having no need to build a team by yourself, you can control it as it is your own. That means you can introduce a specific framework, establish a communication process that you consider best for the project, or tweak the development process peculiarities to bring maximum efficiency.

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Close collaboration

Being deeply integrated into your web application or service specifics, the dedicated team members feel invested in what they create. Thus, they think not only in terms of the better technical solution but also in terms of the most efficient business solution. Such a close collaboration also simplifies long-term planning.

When do you need dedicated software developers?

If you need to bring an efficient and flexible process while having developers that feel deeply invested in your product and think of both short- and long-term perspectives, it’s worth choosing a dedicated squad. Such a choice may be especially beneficial in one of the cases described below.

When you have no time or resources to build an in-house team

Recruiting the developers with the relevant set of values and expertise may be both expensive and require time. When you are limited in time or resources — let’s say, you want to build an MVP rapidly and raise investments, — hiring a dedicated software development team with a solid portfolio in your domain is an option you should go for. Just remember to provide clear requirements and establish a transparent information flow.

When you need more flexibility

When you have several experienced engineers on your side and struggle to find more or don’t have the resources to do so, engaging dedicated developers may result in increased flexibility. That means you may prioritize the tasks in a way to maximize joint efforts efficiency.

When you want to bring additional expertise to the table

It’s natural that digital solutions developers who have gone through the whole process of building, launching, and scaling the product know every stage peculiarities in detail. The same is fair to expertise in specific domains. And you can empower your project with such deep expertise while retaining full control over development.

When you want make you app architecture scalable and ensure security

This point also derives from a broad experience of our dedicated team — being engaged in different development stages and driven customers to the very scaling, we know a lot about how to ensure perfect product security and scalability. We take into account your short- and long-term goals, and never mind consulting our partners on security and scaling.

Why choose our dedicated software team?

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Cross-domain expertise

We’ve helped more than 36 clients to create from scratch, improve, optimize, and support their digital solutions, and obtained valuable expertise in different business domains. Thus, we can benefit your project by composing a team that will not only deliver high-quality code but help you find better solutions.

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Transparent collaboration process

We stand for openness and clear communication since we understand how a lack of such components may affect business. Our engineers and staff have a solid background working within several development frameworks and are flexible in terms of establishing a collaboration you find most efficient.

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Business-focused approach

We understand the difference between caring about the product success and meeting business needs and cover both. When working on clients’ projects, we strive to ensure business prosperity and mitigate both short- and long-term risks that might limit your business performance.

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Faster recruitment

Compared to hiring in-house developers with relevant experience, we can start helping you faster, which expands your opportunities for building a really strong product and either raising investments or entering the market sooner. Moreover, we usually provide our clients with our team members’ CV within only 72 hours!

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Focus on long-term relationships

We understand how crucial it might be to retain valuable knowledge obtained through the process of designing the architecture and product creation. We focus on long-term relationships and stay with our clients for as long as they need us, so you don’t have to worry about knowledge transfer.

Why dedicated engagement model is better than other outsourcing options?

There are no ideal engagement models — some may prefer working with managed teams, and some may benefit from dedicated ones. It’s important to take into account the pros and cons of every model and understand what is in it for your business.

Good for long-term projects

With proper planning, well-designed processes, and clear communication, the dedicated teams model is affects large project positively. You can always add human resources, and the engineers work exclusively for you and under your guidance (though, you may also engage a project manager), so the developers handle your changing requirements effectively.

Just like an in-house team, but more affordable

Hiring an in-house squad is more expensive, especially in some areas, while finding and allocating a dedicated team is much easier — and, usually, dedicated squads are able to go through the development rapidly. You can guide the team through the project in a way you consider right for your business, take advantage of the close collaboration (just like with an in-house team), and save your money thanks to the ability to scale the team up and down easily (doesn’t work with in-house teams).

More flexible than the Fixed price model

To succeed with a fixed price model, you will need to get all of your requirements, scope, and timelines prepared before the project start, which may be risky. Dedicated teams give room for change and reconsidering priorities, much more control over the whole process, and the ability to integrate business departments with your development unit almost as close as you could do with an in-house squad.

What our dedicated software development team is responsible for?

Full-cycle hiring the dedicated talents exclusively for you— we recruit professionals with relevant technology and domain expertise, so they are ready to fulfil their roles

Your team retention — coaching, performance evaluation, team-building initiatives, and other activities focused on maximizing your team efficiency

Project ramp-up and team onboarding, so you don’t have to do this on your own

Team performance monitoring and reporting — we believe there’s always room for optimization

Process and technical consulting, best practices and knowledge sharing (on demand)

Full infrastructure with all the hardware and software that developers may need to fulfil their roles on your project efficiently

Cozy office facilities in our Kyiv-based Offshore Development Center

Providing you with Scrum Master/Project Manager in case you don’t have experienced resources to manage the team

Scaling your squad proactively and cost-effectively, based on your business and project requirements

Optimizing/reducing your costs while keeping our services and code quality on the highest level

What's In It For You?

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30%-70% cost saving compared to the EU and US

Frame3 - Dedicated Teams

EU HQ & EU/US legal framework

Frame11 - Dedicated Teams

No HR, admin, and IT hassle

Frame22 - Dedicated Teams

Access the pool of 185,000+ IT specialists in Ukraine and beyond

Frame22 - Dedicated Teams

Get sample CVs of high-caliber vetted talent within just 48 hours!

Frame33 - Dedicated Teams

2-3x faster time to hire & time to market compared to the EU and US

Frame44 - Dedicated Teams

Up to 70% software team productivity increase

Frame55 - Dedicated Teams

Up to 80% team hiring success rate

Our Process


Initial stage

Our specialists clarify requirements, prepare the estimations, and sign an NDA.


Pre-start stage

We find and recruit professionals with skills that suit your project specifics best. It may take up to 2-6 weeks.


Development start

We mitigate risks, set up and optimize processes, so your development is flawless.


Operation & Optimization

This stage includes team development, retention, and operational excellence.

Frequently asked questions

In case you don’t find an answer to your question, drop us a line and we’ll provide you with a clear and comprehensive one.

What is a dedicated development team?

It’s a squad of versatile engineering professionals that are dedicated to a single project (regularly, a long-term one) and acts as an external engineering unit. It may also include a project manager or may be managed by your management professionals.

Is it cost-efficient to use dedicated development team services?

Comparing to creating an in-house squad of professionals, you don’t need to spend money on recruiting developers, and, in most cases, it’s way more cost-efficient to hire a dedicated team. Also, you can scale your team up or down to maximize your cost-efficiency.

For how long can I hire a dedicated development company?

We strive to help our clients at every stage of their product creation process and don’t mind assisting them with our support and optimization services after the product is launched and gets customers.

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