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My Heritage

MyHeritage is a global platform for exploring your family history, finding relatives around the world, and uncovering the secrets of your DNA.

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ZALORA is Asia’s driving online fashion hub where you can personalize your own style with a wide range of products from popular global and local brands.

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ADDSECURE is a top European provider of innovative and reliable solutions for data protection and critical IoT communications for your business.

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Airbus is a worldwide pioneer in the aerospace industry that offers, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a worldwide scale.

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Small World

Small World Financial Services is one of the most reliable money transfer services that allow you to send and receive payments quickly and securely around the world.

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Product Madness

Product Madness is an international front-line company in the social and mobile casino industry, a part of Aristocrat Inc. since 2012 that creates the most visually stunning and immersive slot machines.

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Dopay is a cloud-based platform providing a range of financial services that allow employers to calculate salaries and make payments electronically in one click.

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Adthena is an analytics platform that helps you get the most out of your paid search ads by combining AI technology with the expertise of top industry consultants.

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Telematics RTL

RTL Telematics, part of AddSecure since November 2020, is a leading global provider of vehicle cameras and tracking systems, improving fleet performance, customer service and bottom line.

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The Quincus is an advanced solution for optimization of the supply chain and improving the performance of the network by automating manual tasks and streamlining logistics operations.

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Solar Gaps

SolarGaps are the world’s first smart blinds generating electricity from the sun and keeping the space cool, lowering power bills, but also reducing the negative impact on the environment.

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Kwiff is a mobile app that dramatically improves the odds of winning in sports betting and provides players with a range of casino games, including live casino and slots.

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qSpark is the driving ultra-low latency end-to-end trading platform allowing traders to quickly bring their algorithms to market.

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GoIT is the guiding educational platform in Eastern Europe that enabled more than 7K+ graduates to change their qualifications and start building successful careers in IT.

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Skycoin is an innovative blockchain platform that is focused on delivering maximum security, efficiency and performance on the network without central authority.

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Bombardier is a customer-centric organization and a global leader in the creation and maintenance of highly reliable, safe, comfortable and energy-efficient business jets.

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FundCount is an easy-to-use system that offers solutions for accounting, investment management and operational efficiency through process automation.

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Wobi is Israel’s largest digital insurance agency that can help you find the most affordable loans or the best auto, home, travel and mortgage insurance solution.

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VeriBlock is a cutting edge solution based on Decentralized, Trustless, Transparent and Permissionless Blockchain Solutions that allows inheriting security for other blockchains.

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Elminda is a revolutionary tool that allows healthcare professionals to see and know more about your brain, which helps in diagnosing, monitoring and treating brain diseases.

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Fiapay is an innovative mobile wallet that allows users to store and transfer money in XDR functional currency, which helps reduce the risks of cryptocurrency fluctuations.

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Proxet is a seasoned digital design and software development company producing bespoke, high-tech, complex and efficient software solutions for startups, SMBs and enterprises.

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Xyrality is a sustainable growing, independent developer and publisher that creates a next-generation MMOG with a multi-platform concept for a large target audience.

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Loco is a mobile booking platform that assists regional online travel agencies to increase their bookings and better compete in a fast-changing world.

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SenseOn is a leading platform with a unique and innovative AI-powered cyber threat detection approach that detects even the most subtle and sophisticated cyberattacks.

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Algoriffix AB

Algoriffix is a modern platform that transcribes and analyzes your musical creativity and unlocks hidden potential through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Test Perfector

Test Perfector is a unique easy-to-use software for creating, encrypting, analyzing and evaluating exam results, which eliminates cheating and copying in tests.

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Soteria International Limited

Soteria is a global leader in the development and implementation of end-to-end solutions in the areas of physical security, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure.

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Remitrix is a web-based SaaS application that provides risk managers and actuaries with optimization tools for financial and insurance scenarios under Solvency II.

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Du Bois Gold AG

Du Bois Gold AG is a Swiss metals and minerals wholesaler that enables customers with Dubois Gold Check to own, hold, and trade in investment grade, physical vaulted gold.

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Zirra is a tech-based business intelligence company that uses AI to provide investors with comprehensive data sets to make better and smarter investment decisions.

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Remmedy partners with global leaders in medical device design, fragrance developing and conditioning to create an innovative AI-powered product to manage situational insomnia.

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Prime 3 Software

Prime 3 Software develops and implements software for transportation and logistics leaders to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business systems.

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Smartline is a company that specializes in the design of elegant jewellery using state-of-the-art technology to track your daily activity and your health.

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5 Loyalty

5loyalty creates stylish and easy-to-use restaurant loyalty apps that reduce staff costs and increase profits by improving order efficiency and incentivizing the purchase.

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Applicature is dedicated to researching, deploying and customizing blockchain solutions that will help create robust prospects and deliver tangible business results.

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Cursor Insight

Cursor Insight develops world-class solutions and creates innovative banking, cybersecurity, healthcare and advertising applications based on human movement analysis.

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Red Band

The RedBand cloud platform creates software that enables organizations to collaboratively plan scenarios using models specifically tailored to their needs.

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Nerio GmbH

Nerio creates marketing and technology know-how, consults and designs high-converting websites to help promising e-commerce companies increase their bottom line.

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