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8allocate is a TOP-rated software development provider withits Development Centers in Poland and Ukraine, Europe’s leading Software outsourcing hubs.

We exist to help other businesses bring their digital ideas to life by connecting them to the right software engineering talent and setting up & maintaining a high level of their delivery.

Our services include setup and hosting of highly-efficient client-tailored dedicated (distributed) teams, pre-estimated and scoped projects and ad-hoc resources for bespoke project development and testing.

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30+ clients from 10+ countries (top countries: Israel, UK, USA, Germany)

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HQ in Tallinn (Estonia), Offshore Development Centers in Warsaw (Poland), Kyiv
and Lviv (Ukraine), offices in Marina Del Rey (CA, USA) and Tel Aviv (Israel)

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3-4 weeks to launch and ramp up your dedicated development team

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Key domains: FinTech, InsurTech, AI, Data Analytics

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73% Employee NPS

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50 + software engineers, programmers, QAs, and PMs

When it comes to software product development, there’re two key obstacles today that prevent companies in North America, Israel, Australia or the European Union from achieving successful digital transformation and software delivery to end-users:

  • Lack of the qualified developer talent, and
  • High cost of onshore/in-house software product development

While these issues affect primarily entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs, many large and established brands have lately rushed to explore offshore R&D capabilities in Ukraine, which proves the problem of talent shortage to be commonplace and acute.

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