March 27, 2020

Without QA processes, there’s no way to find out the ability of your digital product to survive in the real world and to work as intended for many years. Yet, there’re two methods of QA testing today: automated and manual testing. This article compares and contrasts these methods and defines when to use each....

March 24, 2020

The IT industry plays a vital role in the economy, because today, for any production process, you need an appropriate IT platform. We analyzed Ukrainian IT market and want to share our results wih you. ...

March 17, 2020

As people increasingly acknowledge the benefits of Fintech, the demand for Fintech apps grows. Due to the lack of talent, high hiring costs onshore, regulatory restrictions, and increased value of resources, it’s best to outsource your Fintech app development to an offshore company. Here are some essential steps to make the right decision when choosing a Fintech app developer....