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Custom Software Engineering & IT Staff Augmentation

We are a boutique provider of IT outsourcing and staff augmentation solutions for custom web, mobile, and enterprise software development. Our mission is to give you talent and resources for effective digital transformation and better software delivery to end-users. Augment your in-house/onshore software team with high-caliber pre-vetted tech talent in Ukraine or build a dedicated development team from scratch in our offshore R&D Centers to better meet your short-term and long-term business goals.
Whether you’re looking to build a white label software solution from scratch, future-proof your business idea with an MVP, replace legacy software and eliminate your tech debt, improve BI and data-based decision-making, outsource your RPA, or secure digital assets with blockchain – we have the Expertise, People, and Proven Methodologies to help you embrace both mainstream and cutting-edge technologies fast and cost-effectively!
Choose the value proposition that best meets your current need!
Augment/extend your in-house team and retain 100% project management control
Launch a standalone software development department offshore in Ukraine
Find software engineers for your hard-to-fill positions/short-term projects fast and cost-effectively
Turnkey software project delivery (we scope and estimate your project and deliver a completely market-ready solution or MVP on your budget and according to your spec)
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Dedicated Team Solution
Need to extend/augment your in-house team with auxiliary remote talent? Launch your software development department offshore/nearshore? Find tech talent for your hard-tofill positions/short-term project needs fast and cost-effectively?
Managed Projects
Looking to outsource a software project with a well-defined scope and a strictly fixed budget?
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8 Reasons To Work With Us

Coding Bootcamp

We operate Ukraine’s Top 10 Coding Bootcamp that is an educational partner of the UNO and has graduated more than 4,000 IT specialists over the past 4 years. While many other outsourcing service providers and international brands drain the local talent pool in Ukraine, we keep it sustainable by supplying “fresh” talent on a regular basis.
In addition, Ukrainian IT education doesn’t yet completely meet sophisticated and rapidly changing demands of modern businesses in terms of hard and soft skills, so we fill this gap by training and re-skilling people using the most progressive curricula and workshops. In many cases, you don’t need overqualified senior talent to fulfill routine and nonbusiness critical tasks within your software development project. By hiring junior talent, you can free up your senior guys’ time for the hard software engineering stuff and, as a result, reduce your overall budget significantly.

Boutique and family style

Our size allows us to treat all clients equally, without any prioritization. We have an open-door policy and you can easily discuss any issue ad-hoc with our CEO or Head of Delivery without having to wait for a window in their busy schedules.
This ensures maximum transparency and friendly relationships that translate into better efficiency, improved top-line growth and bottom-line savings, and strategic long-term partnerships and collaborations. Even if you only have one software engineer on your dedicated team with us, we’ll still treat it as a full-fledged team@ All in all, we’re small enough to care and big enough to deliver and make an impact!

Coding adaptability

The code we deliver follows the most stringent software development industry standards. Clean coding is at the heart of minimizing technical debt, delivering on time, and is vital to building a foundation that will help extend the life cycle of your application.
The code we deliver is clear, readable, and fully maintainable. If you change your team structure or choose to backsource your software development project in the future, we guarantee any new team can start working with the code we deliver right away, without wasting their time and your money on “interpreting” the code and figuring the kludges used by previous programmers. In case you extend your in-house/core software dev team with our dedicated offshore resources and you have already set specific coding standards within your team, we’re highly flexible to adapt to your formal coding standards and code in accordance with your requirements.

Fractional resource allocation

We offer an extremely lean approach to your software development outsourcing: pay only for what you really use! If you need to involve a dedicated developer for just 2 days of the week, most of other outsourcing providers will insist that you hire a full-time resource who’ll sit on their hands for 60% of the time.
And you, as a client, will pay for 100% of their time dedicated to your project. That’s highly inefficient and cost-ineffective. With 8allocate, you don’t have to waste your software development dollars for wasted hours. If you only need a dev resource for 2 days of the week, we’ll provide one and you’ll only pay for those 2 days. Our Lean Custom Software Development approach mainly consist of a mix of full-time and part-time, onsite and offsite talents based on your requirements. This ensures a fast start, usually within a couple of days, and it avoids the headache of short-term contractors and long-term hiring.

Account-based recruitment

Your team gets a dedicated recruitment consultant who acts as your account manager and helps you feel the pulse of your project development on a regular basis. We provide HR as a service and when it comes to sourcing candidates for your project, the sky’s the limit for us. We always look beyond the national borders to make sure you get the best resources fast and seamlessly.
We make sure each specialist integrates with your corporate culture no matter where they come from. Our clients report 80% team hiring success rate! On average, thanks to this approach, we keep attrition rate on our client-tailored teams at below 15%.

Consultative approach

Attention to details and providing the best possible code are what differentiates us from others. We scrutinize each specification and if we find any weaknesses or bottlenecks, we offer a better solution or find a workaround to help you optimize your budget and decrease the overall spending.
Our Board members are affiliated with the YPO (the premium leadership organization with approximately 24,000 members in more than 130 countries), INSEAD (a graduate business school with campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East), and Chicago Booth (the graduate business school of the University of Chicago, Illinois). This helps us provide the best-in-class software development advisory to help bring your business to the next tech maturity level.

Pre-vetted contractors

Lack of qualified tech resources is one of the key barriers preventing many businesses from successful digital transformation and effective software delivery to end-users. This typically results in a significant long time to find and hire niche or technology-specific talent in North America and Europe and, thus, long time to market.
Unlike most of our local competitors, we have an exclusive access to tribal knowledge and highly-specialized pre-vetted software development contractors (for FinTech, AI, ML, NLP, Data analytics, eCommerce, etc.), which allows us to staff teams with the right talent quickly and cost-effectively. We can supply the first candidates’ CVs within just 48 hours and beat the majority of outsourcing providers in Ukraine in terms of speed and quality of team staffing.

Free Team Test Drive

We let you try your dedicated software development resources for free for 72 hours! If you don’t like their quality, attitude and work ethic in general, you can request a replacement after 72 hours of complimentary trial.
Coding adaptability
Boutique and family style
Coding Bootcamp
Free Team Test Drive
Pre-vetted contractors
Consultative Approach
Account-based Recruitment
Fractional resource allocation

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