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Navigating Software Development Skills Shortages: Scale Fast with Global Talent

What’s Inside? 

  • Key hiring trends in the tech sector for 2023 and onward
  • Operational challenges beyond talent acquisition
  • Software development partnerships as a new business growth-models
  • Advantages of using software development partners
  • Ways to establish outcome-driven software development models

Competent software engineering talent has always been in high demand. The “digitization race” magnified the need for a digital-savvy, business-oriented workforce, resulting in an ongoing talent crunch in developed economies. Today, 62% of CIOs believe that they will never have enough tech staff as the modern markets call for greater operating speeds, continuous innovation, and cost efficiency.

Conventional acquisition channels fail to fully satisfy the talent demand. Moreover, companies are dealing with a finite number of qualified talent per se as not enough action was taken to upskill the existing workforce and draw more applicants towards STEM careers.

This whitepaper proposes new strategies for dealing with the pent-up demand for software engineering talent.

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