From Outage to Overcome: How 8allocate Ensured Business Continuity During Blackouts

Electricity blackouts had become a daily occurrence for all Ukrainians. Russia massively targeted power grids and critical infrastructure facilities to deliberately leave people without light and heat. In particular, there were scheduled and emergency outages that lasted from a few hours to more than 24 hours. And, as this difficult blackout period is over, we want to share how we dealt with the challenges associated with power outages.

Thanks to the actions we have taken, 8allocate managed to overcome the challenges connected with electricity issues. The team stayed connected and ensured a seamless operation throughout the blackout period. In this article, we will share how we managed to keep the lights on, quite literally, during this winter!

Always Ready to Embrace a Challenge: Our Crisis Plan

We’re always thinking ahead, making sure we’re prepared for anything that comes our way. So, to avoid disruptions connected with the lack of electricity, 8allocate developed a crisis plan.

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To be specific, the plan included the procedures for remote and office workers. For example, we partnered with coworking spaces equipped with generators and Starlink to make sure there would always be a spot for our staff. Our company issued reimbursement for coworking expenses to our employees.

Not only that but our offices in Kyiv and Lviv were backed up with Ecoflows and Starlink. Nothing stayed in the way of doing the job and meeting the deadlines. 
Additionally, the company kept on assisting its employees and their families to relocate to safer areas or find apartments with better access to electricity. We provided monetary support for transportation and accommodation expenses.

Group 2922 - From Outage to Overcome: How 8allocate Ensured Business Continuity During Blackouts

Powering Through: How We Arranged Remote Workflows for Seamless Operation

8allocate had gone above and beyond to ensure our remote workers could work productively. Here are the measures we took to maintain the efficiency of our remote staff at the highest possible level:

  • To ensure that our employees had access to all required resources, 8allocate provided them with Ecoflow power stations and power banks.
  • We provided remote workers with lists of coworking spaces equipped with reliable power sources and speedy internet connectivity in their cities (expenses were covered).
  • 8allocate created a process that allowed our remote employees to work seamlessly, no matter where they were. Even if some of the team were unavailable, work continued smoothly, and the company never missed a beat.
  • Some of the team members opted for everything they need for their remote work setup, while others adapted to the schedule of power outages in their area.
Group 2924 - From Outage to Overcome: How 8allocate Ensured Business Continuity During Blackouts

How 8allocate Overcame Electricity Outages in the Office to Ensure Business Continuity 

Power outages could have seriously impacted our business operations. So, we arranged conditions in the office that allowed our employees to stay at the peak of their performance.

8allocate invested in robust internet connectivity to ensure our operations run smoothly. In addition to several reliable internet lines, we also bought a Starlink terminal. 

A little bit later, our office was equipped with backup power sources. This way, even during a blackout, we could keep the business going. And we don’t just mean a few flashlights and candles—we’re talking Ecoflow backup power sources. Thanks to this, we could keep our computers and Starlink running, no matter what.

Group 2923 1 - From Outage to Overcome: How 8allocate Ensured Business Continuity During Blackouts


8allocate has demonstrated its commitment to the well-being of its employees and clients by implementing a proactive crisis plan to deal with electricity issues during winter. We have taken various measures to ensure that our operations continue uninterrupted, even during power outages. Our company created a fully autonomous office equipped with backup power sources and reliable internet connectivity. Remote workers had access to coworking spaces with electricity and internet. 

As a result of measures taken by 8allocate, we didn’t lose any single man-day of productive work. 

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