Open accounts for your employees and freelancers, and issue prepaid cards powered by Mastercard. Fast, easy, and convenient.

Dopay provides companies with the ability to open accounts and cards for their employees fast. Businesses take advantage of a faster onboarding process, easy interfaces, and transparency since Dopay solves their payroll issues.

Users have 24/7 access to their funds, and can use any ATM or payment provider that accepts Mastercard. McDonald’s, SWVL, and other companies already use Dopay services in Egypt.

5-7 engineers



Front-end development


Empower Dopay’s frontend development and deal with key issues to align tech part with business logic

  1. Restore, update, and create code for several vital product features
  2. Create the documentation for several functionalities and APIs from scratch, which is challenging when entering the project on the go
  3. Deal with legacy code and update the system to meet backend requirements and business logic
Mask Group - Frontend decisions for Dopay


  1. Create event visualization widget
    To make processes and events illustrative and improve the information flow efficiency, we’ve created a widget that allows events visualization on the map and uses clusterization to avoid overlapping.
  2. Create a CSV import component
    To ease and speed up the data transfer process, we’ve created a CSV import component. Also, we’ve incorporated several dozen small features to meet logistics businesses’ specifics and ease management.
  3. Create a knowledge base widget
    To save managers’ and admins’ time and provide team members with easy access to corporate information, we’ve created a fast and easy-to-use knowledge base widget.
  4. Introduce approaches to make development faster and easier
    We’ve incorporated several technologies and approaches to save development time and costs and bring results faster. For instance, we introduced Babel.JS compiler to achieve compatibility with more browsers.
  5. Re-build features
    To bring the ability to set up, debug, and manage devices in a convenient way, we’ve helped our customer redesign one of the existing features, empower it with the latest tech, and bring it to desktop and mobile.


We’ve helped Dopay transform their system into a faster and more secure product that takes advantage of sharpened features and automated processes.24/7 payment processing, reduced manual work, self-service for new employees combined with elegant permissions system — that’s what we’ve helped Dopay to put on the track. Dopay provides businesses in Egypt with a fast and secure way to open accounts, add employees, and make payments. McDonald’s, Theama, and SWVL already take advantage of Dopay services.

Technologies and integrations

reactjs logo - Frontend decisions for DopayReact
Redux logo - Frontend decisions for DopayRedux
Sentry logo - Frontend decisions for DopaySentry
FullStory logo - Frontend decisions for DopayFullstory
hotjar logo - Frontend decisions for DopayHotjar
libre brand circleci logo - Frontend decisions for DopayCircleCi
heroku logo - Frontend decisions for DopayHeroku
Frame 35 - Frontend decisions for DopayTestrail
Figma logo - Frontend decisions for DopayFigma

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