Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning Platform


Web-based Learning Management System

Business domain:

e-Learning for IT

Technology and tools:

Java (backend), Next.js, React.js, GraphQL

GoIT is one of the leading IT learning courses in Ukraine by the number of their graduates’ success stories. Nearly 4000 graduates who have successfully kicked off their career in IT, and over 2000 current students who are to join the first in the nearest time—are a good proof of the quality of education offered by GoIT.

Executive Summary

In the light of the non-stop quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic and willing to continue offering the best possible IT education to students without putting their health at risk, GoIT decided to start the e-Learning component that would help students obtain IT knowledge and skills without leaving their apartments. With the help of 8allocate, GoIT managed to get their brand new learning management system targeted specifically at electronic or online learning activities.

Challenge and Objectives

The challenge GoIT faced was to find a qualified software development partner that would help build a learning management system. 

The objective of the planned system was that it should be simple, intuitive, efficient, and at the same time ensure the same quality of education as when students come to the real-world classes. 

The main business objective of the planned system was to scale up the international programming courses franchise via implementing a platform of free/subscription-based minicourses for newbies, in order to increase the sales and successful completion of the course, which, in its turn, can help increase the number of successfully employed graduates. 

In the light of the above, the system to be developed should include something radically new, i.e., not presented in other similar LMS. Such a novelty is dedicated to retain students with the GoIT and, at the same time, provide them with interesting learning opportunities and capabilities.

GoIT challenge - Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning Platform

How Product/Service Helped

8allocate, in a close cooperation with the core product team on the GoIT side, managed to develop an integrated platform that has the following features:

  1. Learning Experience System (LXP), which is similar to LMS but enables users to add own content (articles from the Internet, videos, self-checking tasks etc.) to their User Flow for learning; all learning activities happen in this LXP system
  2. External marketing portal, which hosts all marathons (brain rushes), tasks, and minicourse and is targeted to attract new users to the GoIT service
  3. High-level personalization in terms of the educational flow architecturing
  4. Time tracking function to understand how students spend their time in the system and on which tasks
  5. Gamification of the learning process via the students ratings to allow students compete
  6. Custom dashboards to visualize the whole learning process and its achievements
  7. Dueling functionality to enable students battle one to one or compete with the GoIT bot in fulfilling the educational task
  8. Speaking and pronunciation self-checks via the embedded voice robot


The collaboration between GoIT and 8allocate helped both companies to achieve their main goals: GoIT obtained a great new system to bring their learning activities to a new level and enable their students to stick to GoIT as to a sole provider of high-quality IT trainings, while 8allocate used this opportunity to expand their customer portfolio and gain an important experience and skills in the area of eLearning solution development.

Technologies and integrations

java logo - Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning PlatformJava
Next logo - Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning PlatformNext
reactjs logo - Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning PlatformReact

Graph logo - Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning PlatformGraphQL

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