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Skycoin is a blockchain created to overcome the shortcomings of both Bitcoin and Ethereum and fulfil Satoshi’s original vision of a fully decentralized digital currency. Melted together with Skywire – a purely decentralized and at the same time private networking platform – Skycoin makes it possible for everyone to enjoy decentralization in our centralized world safely and securely, thanks to its outstanding Obelisk consensus algorithm.

Executive Summary

Skycoin with their blockchain-based products fully enjoyed the rise of blockchain as it resulted in a fast vertical growth. However, this growth caused a need to quickly scale their software product up without losing time and opportunities. 8allocate was picked up to respond to that need and support Skycoin during such a fast growth.

Challenge and Objectives

Due to a quick growth of their solutions, Skycoin needed to shift a certain set of tasks from their in-house software development team to an external software development contractor that would have previous blockchain expertise and the Golang programming language mastership. This challenge was made even worse by the location of Skycoin – Israel – as fees charged by local software development companies were too high for a startup Skycoin used to be at the time. And all this was seasoned by a tight timeframe during which Skycoin needed to resolve this challenge.

So, the objectives to be fulfilled by Skycoin were as follows:

  1. Rapidly find and hire a software development firm with a proven blockchain and Golang experience
  2. Avoid any delay in the software development process
  3. Continue the company’s promotion to a higher level
SkyCoin challenge - Custom Blockchain Development Project

How Product/Service Helped

Bringing 8allocate to this project helped Skycoin to successfully close all the issues they were facing and not to miss the right time to continue development.

8allocate joined the project with our time-tested and experienced team of professionals that included:

  1. Chief Technical Officer, to help Skycoin define technical requirements to potential candidates and consult on other technical issues
  2. Human Resource Management people, to help all the team members work in the most comfortable environment.
  3. Four top software engineers, to mentor younger team members and help them fulfil the required tasks as per Skycoin’s requirements.
  4. Four talented regular developers, to do the technical part of the project and help Skycoin have their tasks done and goals achieved.

8allocate was able to kick off the development activities as soon as in just two weeks after Skycoin had experienced such a need.

8allocate’s entry to this project helped Skycoin not lose pace and time on finding and hiring in-house developers but continue building up their strategy and streamlining their mission. Moreover, after the initial contract period both our companies found it reasonable to renew it for mutual benefit.


This project allowed Skycoin and 8allocate to get exactly what each company wanted – Skycoin hired pure professionals of software engineering without passing all the difficult recruiting procedures and was able to keep on their business growth, while 8allocate once again proved we are among the most reliable and trusted software development partners in Europe.

Technologies and integrations

Go logo - Custom Blockchain Development ProjectGolang

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