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Cover everything your new or existing application needs with our services. We’ll get your web or mobile app running, help with support, scaling, and integrations.

Our Backend development services to take advantage with

We’ve helped to build backend for apps in several domains — from aviation and e-commerce to fintech, — and have sharpened approaches of both designing the backend from the ground up and dealing with an existing codebase. While not focusing on a single technology, we can pick a stack that suits your new project best and apply a broader vision of how to empower your existing application.

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Create backend for web apps

We deliver backend solutions for both startups and established businesses that need to handle and process large volumes of data.

Thus, we both effectively deal with legacy code, providing optimization, refactoring, creating new features, and maintenance services, and create backend from scratch. In both cases, our professionals focus on designing a fast backend that allows to empower the app with new functionalities easily, integrate third-party services, and scale smoothly.

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Build backend for mobile apps

We create backend both for mobile and cross-platform solutions, so our clients take advantage of smooth data processing and synchronization across web, desktop, and mobile applications.

We dive deep into your business logic and operations to create mobile app architecture that covers the needs of end-users and managers. Also, we help with support, maintenance, new features implementation, and integration with third-party services.

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Backend audit

As backend developers, we are well-acquainted with peculiarities that both startups and well-established businesses may experience. We provide technical audit services that focus on several things: backend performance optimization, bottlenecks identification, code refactoring, services integration, and create all-around reports with clear recommendations on how to eliminate existing risks and the ones that may arise.

We also consult our customers and help them with technology strategy in case they need it

Technologies we utilize to build backend solutions

coding - Backend Development Services

We have an extensive background in designing apps with PHP, C#, and several other programming languages.

Even if we lack a developer with specific knowledge, we take advantage of a huge talent pool that Ukraine has. Our sharpened hiring processes and broad experience allow us to find and hire professionals who are proficient in the technology your project needs fast, and integrate them into either our or your team.

Our back-end development process


Project discovery

We gather information, process it, prepare timelines and costs estimations, and sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Composing the team

We build a team for your project and recruit professionals with relevant knowledge to cover every side of your web or mobile backend development.


The development stage

We build the backend in short iterations that imply close collaboration between product owner and team members, regular reporting, and predictable process.


Post-development support and maintenance

We stay mitigate risks that might arise, ensure flawless app performance, implement new features and help with scaling.

Why choose our backend web development services?

Cross-domain backend background

With multiple projects our company delivered, we bring our engineers’ versatile experience to the equation. It allows us to align your business objectives with the product idea to achieve success. Thus, we develop an architecture that ensures solid backend performance now and able to implement new features in the future. Cross-domain expertise also allows us to ensure the highest security standards and integrate third-party services flawlessly.

No need to recruit engineers

We totally understand how hard it might be to compose a team of engineers and managers with relevant experience — and we do it instead of you. Having a team of talented developers, we also hire team members for your specific project, so you get a squad with tailored skills.

Flexible cooperation model

As a backend company, we can act both as your engineering unit or a dedicated team. You can scale the team up or down easily or mix your in-house squad with our team members to achieve the right mix of expertise, development speed and costs.

Frequently asked questions

In case your question is not covered below, be sure to contact us and describe your idea and what you’d like to know.

What is the backend?

While the front end covers what the human eye sees when interacting with the app, backend is responsible for operations under the hood. Backend serves the information requests, processes data, does authorization and interacts with integrations to retrieve or provide data (like payment information, for example).

What does the backend developer do?

Our backend engineers build applications from very scratch — they put together business logic, databases, third-party services, and other things. They create a system and then support, maintain, optimize, and empower it with new features to keep the business running.

Which programming languages are used by your developers for back-end development?

Our crew has a strong experience with C#, PHP, as well as building native iOS and Android mobile apps. When there’s a need, we find an engineer with a strong knowledge of a specific tech stack to help our clients build exactly what they need.

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