Why Western Startups Should Hire Dedicated Developers Offshore

With entrepreneurship on the rise, startups continue to be launched all over the planet with each passing day. This trend is supported now more than ever by an array of factors, among them cheap open-source software, an increase in the number of professionals in various sectors, improved financial services, and better analysis of data. 

That said, in the West, the US, to be specific, the number of technology startups grew by 47% in the last ten years. Over that time, there have been numerous startup success stories on various media. Consequently, you can easily be convinced that launching an enterprise is hassle-free and straightforward. However, as an entrepreneur, you must always be prepared for obstacles. And note, even if you do this, there is no guarantee that you will not come across some out-of-the-blue issues in the course of implementing your enterprise idea. 

With that cleared out, here are the typical problems many startups face today.

  • The high cost of acquiring local talent. For a startup in the West, hiring and sustaining local employees can be too expensive. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult for the enterprise to ensure success in the long run. Thus, it may lead to failure. 
  • Lack of sufficient internal expertise and software developers. According to Statista, 23% of startups fail because of not having the right team. This issue translates to gaps in skills and experience among in-house developers, making it hard to perform necessary functions within the startup.
  • Pressure from investors to reduce the IT budget or overhead. With venture capital being rare to come by, those who provide it might come with a strict set of conditions. It might be anything like cutting your IT budget or minimizing overhead. For this reason, it can be quite challenging to attain profitability and sustainability before the money is finished. 

Dedicated Developer: the Solution to Challenges Facing Startups Today

Working with a dedicated development team is the best way to circumvent the various problems that startups face during their operations. Why so? Let’s take a look at five reasons that show how businesses can win immensely from hiring dedicated offshore programmers.

Access to Larger Talent Pools

Across the USA, there are more software developer openings than professionals to fill them. As a matter of fact, almost a quarter-million opportunities for skilled IT experts remain unfilled in America. 

By hiring dedicated developers offshore, businesses in the West can gain access to a new pool of trained personnel. This way, they will not have to spend time and money hiring or training additional staff. 

According to Kyiv Post report, Ukraine – one of the top destinations for outsourcing – boasts of 184,700 software developers. In light of this statistic, companies in the West can benefit immensely by adopting the dedicated model, which enables it to leverage the massive and readily-available tech talent in Ukraine. 

Faster Time to Hire and Market Accordingly

Time is invaluable in the startup environment. When it comes to the hiring process, a lot of it can be wasted while advertising available positions, going through applications, screening applicants, and onboarding recruits. However, by working with dedicated developers, enterprises can access readily-available development teams, thus, fastening the hiring process. 

Hiring a dedicated software team also cuts the time to marketing tremendously. It achieves this goal by minimizing the duration between the decision-making process and the actual commencement of a project. Consequently, a product will be launched way faster, translating to a shorter time to the start of marketing strategies. 

Focus on Core Product Development 

As a startup thrives, in-house workers may have to start taking on an array of technical roles outside of their original duties. In turn, this will make it more difficult for the enterprise to focus on primary processes geared towards the production of their product. 

By trusting any emerging IT responsibilities such as QA, DevOps, data science, and so forth to a dedicated software team, a business can access relevant offshore expertise in these cutting-edge tech trends. As such, the enterprise can stay focused firmly on its core product development processes and other mission-critical functions. 

Regular Knowledge Sharing

In the dedicated development model, the client has total control over the activities undertaken by the vendor. It includes the sharing of knowledge and expertise between the dedicated team and the client. Under this arrangement, a business is free to offer a directive that calls for regular sharing of information or code that commits to a software repository, whether it is daily or weekly. Today, tools such as Slack, Skype, JIRA, Basecamp, and other ones, have made seamless collaboration on projects possible.

Cost-Saving (up to 50%)

Working with a dedicated development team can see a business save up to 50 percent in expenses. The reason is that under this model of cooperation, startups get to minimize operational costs, conserve capital funding, and significantly cut IT expenditure.

Under this arrangement, an enterprise does not incur a fixed cost, but instead a variable one. It means the business has to pay the dedicated team only when it needs it.  

Final Thoughts

All startups are bound to face challenges along the way as IT responsibilities evolve beyond their original scope. Luckily, many of these issues can be avoided or addressed by hiring a dedicated developer offshore. The deal becomes even better when a startup outsources IT management to Ukraine. In line with that, let’s quickly round-up some reasons to outsource to this country:

  • You have access to talented personnel.
  • Developers in the country offer an outstanding level of software solutions.
  • You get complex and fitting solutions while still achieving cost-effectiveness. 
  • Seamless communication since most of the developers in Ukraine has good proficiency in spoken English. 

To sum it up, you can always try to gather an in-house team to take care of your development needs. On the other hand, note that finding unsuitable personnel or even the lack of professionals to fill specific roles can throw your startup plans into disarray. Therefore, the best bet is adopting the proven approach and hiring a dedicated developer team.

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