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Junior Tech Talent Pool In Ukraine: Hiring Trends You Need To Know

At 8allocate, we do our best to support novices who are looking to embark on software development train and pursue a career in IT. We do realize that international brands and IT outsourcing buyers drain the Ukrainian tech talent pool (despite good intentions) by staffing their R&D and outsourced dedicated development teams with the most qualified and experienced specialists and offering them hefty salaries. If we don’t ensure the pool’s sustainability and rejuvenation now, we’ll run out of people and lose a substantial competitive advantage as an IT country and the leading hub for software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe.

As part of our corporate social responsibility and to better service our clients, we run GoIT, Ukraine’s Top 10 extracurricular IT School and Coding Bootcamp that has supplied over 4,000 junior talents to the pool in the past 2 years. Our GoIT School graduates have no obligations to work for us and are free to seek employment wherever they want.

We’re happy that our School graduates work successfully at some of Ukraine’s top IT companies including EPAM, Softserve, Infopulse, and many others.

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Our 2018 graduates working for Top IT companies in Ukraine

Ukraine’s biggest online community of IT specialists, DOU has recently polled 46 custom software development providers in Ukraine about their use of junior tech talent and programmer trainees on clients’ projects. We’d like to share with you the survey results that shape particular trends on the global software development scene. By “junior developers” DOU means developers with no or less than 1 year of experience working on real-life projects. They’re also referred to as “interns” and “trainees” by some companies.

Are you looking to hire junior developers for non-critical tasks and/or to relieve your senior staff of extra burden? Our rates for junior programmers and testers start as low as $25/h. Get in touch to discuss now!

When it comes to large service providers, SoftServe is leading the way being the most active employer of junior developers and testers. In 2018, it hired 400 junior programmers, which is 60% more than in 2017.

In total, last year, Top 5 Ukrainian outsourcing providers hired 800 more rookies than the year before.

Of all junior programmers hired by top providers, only 3% failed their probation period.

Top 3 Ukrainian cities employing the highest number of novices are Kyiv (23.7%), Lviv (25.6%), and Kharkiv (22.6%). The most popular skills companies are looking for in junior specialists are QA, Java, and .NET. Compared to 2017, last year we saw a growing interest and demand for DevOps (+116 juniors hired), JavaScript/front-end (+119), and Python (+76).

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Data source: dou.ua

DOU notes that over 60% of junior developers hired by Top 10 Ukraine’s IT companies were sourced from extracurricular schools and bootcamps like our GoIT.

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