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Clutch: Among Our Top Ukraine Developers, 8allocate Saves Clients Time and Money

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform located in downtown Washington, D.C. Our mission is to help business clients connect with service providers who will be the most qualified for their upcoming projects. Clutch places a lot of emphasis on client reviews for its rating and ranking system. To get each review, analysts interview clients about their experience during past projects with service providers listed on the site. By conducting the interviews either over the phone or online, our analysts verify each review. Each review gives an unbiased account of each project and provides details about the project and the client’s relationship with the vendor throughout the entire experience. Due to their lean development, high-quality solutions, and the money they save clients, 8allocate is rated 4.9 stars overall on Clutch.

Picture1 1 1 - Clutch: Among Our Top Ukraine Developers, 8allocate Saves Clients Time and Money

Their goal is to help clients build products of a higher class that help make them more productive and profitable.

“We hold ourselves to the same standard and strive for a lean development team that will save our clients money without sacrificing quality,” says Vladimir Potapenko, 8allocate CEO and Co-Founder. “It also allows us to get started on projects as quickly as possible and save development dollars. We think that our approach is responsible for getting our name onto Clutch’s list of the top custom software developers in Ukraine.”

Here are some of the good things clients have had to say about 8allocate during their interviews:

8allocate’s reputation has spread over to two of Clutch’s sister sites. In addition to publishing business news and insights, they are ranked 15th on The Manifest’s list of the top artificial intelligence companies in the world. They have also posted their portfolio to Visual Objects so that clients can see their best work when they are hiring for a project.

We believe the Clutch platforms will help 8allocate get new clients and grow.

Learn more about Clutch. If you would like to list your company on Clutch, proceed with sign-up here!

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