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8allocate’s 2022 Wrapped: Highlights, Roadblocks & Accomplishments

2022 was a difficult year for everyone. Rising global inflation, millions of lives taken by COVID in China, supply chain issues, Iranians revolting against a dictatorship, etc. For Ukrainians, last year was the most challenging in the country’s history due to the brutal and illegal invasion from Russia. And despite all the horrors caused by Russia, 2022 brought out the best of Ukrainian society as the world witnessed their strength, bravery, resilience, and ingenuity not only on the battlefield but in the world of IT as well.

We’re proud that our team took the initiative and made efforts to help Ukraine during these challenging times. 8allocate donated thousands of dollars to the Ukrainian army and volunteer organizations to help Ukraine fight for its freedom. We’re proud to support our Ukrainian colleagues and the people of Ukraine during these trying times.

As we look towards a brighter future in 2023, we are excited for the journey ahead. We believe that the lessons we’ve learned and the experiences we gained in 2022 have made us stronger and better prepared for whatever comes our way.

8allocate’s Achievement

Despite all the global uncertainty, 8allocate managed to double in size this past year thanks to an influx of new clients who were drawn to our high-caliber software development services. We have adapted to the challenging circumstances and proven to be a solid and successful company.

We continued focusing on growing our expertise in FinTech and EdTech to meet the rising demands of these sectors, and we have seen success in onboarding new clients from the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, and South Africa.

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Talking about prominent achievements and global recognition, we are proud to have been recognized by Clutch, who included 8allocate in its official Top 100 Leaders For Fast Growth report in 2022.

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Repercussions of War: How We Tackled It and Supported Our Team

In the aftermath of Russia’s unprovoked war with Ukraine, we immediately realized the need for a foolproof crisis response strategy. 8allocate undertook the following responsibilities to support its team:

  • We efficiently relocated our employees to a safe and protected place in the western parts of Ukraine and even assisted our employees in relocating to the EU, US, Canada, and Latin America.
  • We aided our employees’ families in finding temporary housing within Ukraine and abroad. 
  • Instead of the usual crisis layoffs, we mobilized and nearly doubled our team size for maximum efficiency and a much more streamlined workflow.
  • 8allocate developed it’s global infrastructure that allows everyone to work from any place in the world effectively.

Team-Strengthening Activities

8allocate believes that team-building activities important gateways to cooperation and co-existence. 

  • A portion of our Ukraine-based team completed Save a Life courses, and became proficient in applying tourniquets and communicating during injuries, bleeding, or other emergencies.
  • We know that prioritizing mental health is indispensable, especially during turbulent times; thus, 8allocate compensates the services of psychologists for the employees needing them. Moreover, Mindly has made finding a specialist easy for everyone.

Support Ukraine

Our “Hire Ukrainian Tech Talents” initiative has proved to be very successful in 2022 and helped many technical and non-technical specialists to find jobs in IT. We truly believe in its value and are committed to continuing in 2023.

8allocate’s Initiative to Hire Ukrainian Tech Talents

As Ukraine sees more and more people returning to the country, President Zelensky encourages entrepreneurs to continue working and even initiate new projects. At 8allocate, we stand in solidarity with the President’s words and are excited to offer our support through our “Support Ukraine” initiative. Our goal is to provide more IT professionals with the opportunity to work on exciting projects, contribute to our country’s economy, and make a positive impact. The universal flexibility of the IT world allows professionals to work remotely from anywhere, and we’re here to offer free expertise, advice, and consulting support to anyone considering hiring Ukrainian IT specialists.  

Here are the top 3 reasons why Ukrainian developers are the best when it comes to productivity and high-quality output:

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Insights from our Clutch Testimonials

Our specialty is to help clients at every stage of the product development process, from presenting a prototype to deploying and growing, among others.

The latest client reviews on Clutch states:

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8allocate Making a Mark at Global Events

Money 20/20

In October 2022, our team attended Money20/20 in Las Vegas, arguably the most prominent global fintech event that advocates innovation in financial services for a strengthened commercial nexus.

Money 20/20 draws in crowds of over 8000 annually. Tech companies, startups, fintech giants, banks, blockchain, and crypto wizards, all gather under one roof to network, share the latest developments, etc.

Allocate8’s V.P. of Client Solutions, Peter Rakowsky, remarked about his learnings of blockchain technologies and the DeFi space from the Money 20/20. Peter shared, “Learning about blockchain technologies and the DeFi space caught my eye this year. Who will be the first major bank to implement DeFi on a mass scale? How will DeFi change the finance industry and other industries such as travel, retail, etc.? It’s all very fascinating.”

We paid heed to reports from world-class speakers and networked with the cream of the crop in the fintech world of Las Vegas.

FinTech Connect 2022

In November 2022, 8allocate attended the London-based, Fintech Connect, a highly coveted one-of-its-kind event wherein central banks, insurers, capital market firms, and investors make informed buying decisions on the ground-breaking latest innovations.

Andrey Kalyuzhnyy, the CEO, was thrilled to see the support and interest the U.K. and international companies expressed toward the Ukrainian I.T. sector. “We had multiple conversations that will likely lead to new projects next year”, he shared.

TechEx Events

TechEx events offer a platform for companies to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and build relationships with other professionals in the industry.

During the same time, in November 2022, 8allocate showed its presence at the TechEx Event, a highly reputed international conference and expo world series exhibiting up-to-date entrepreneurial tech innovations. 

The 8allocate team was honored to attend the Blockchain Expo event and understood the implications of blockchain in various sectors. Additionally, our team attended the IoT Tech Expo. Over 350 exhibitors showcasing their cutting-edge technologies and 500 veteran speakers were present at the event.

Finally, we joined A.I. & Big Data Expo and learned about the latest trends and developments in the AI and Big Data areas from the leading tech experts.

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