8 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing

Fantasists are designing the future. Only they can determine tomorrow, based on scientific achievements today. What is fantastic and inaccessible today, tomorrow can become real or ordinary and every day. 

More recently, robots have only been dreamed of, and today artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our lives. But every idea requires a scientific foundation. Speaking of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to mention the mathematics and cryptography of A.Turing. He was the first to raise an important question – can machines think? If his fate were not so sad, who knows where the super-brain would step and where we would be?

Artificial intelligence is widely used in marketing. Brands use various tools to curate content, search engine optimization, and email marketing. AI is used today by those who want to be one step ahead of the rest. After all, to think correctly or to help others to believe in the right direction is not the main task of modern marketing?

In this article, you will see examples of how artificial intelligence works in marketing.

  1. Website Design

AI helps marketers create useful websites. For example, The Grid uses Molly’s artificial intelligence to design websites, and developers are already actively using platforms created by The Grid.

Molly saves resources: brands would have to hire an entire team of specialists to do the same job. At the same time, this AI costs just $100 per year for one site.

Customers only need to upload content (images, text, calls to action) to The Grid and Molly will create a site based on it. 

mm - 8 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing


 2. Content Creation

Copywriters can be calm – the AI will not penetrate too deeply into their sphere. But machines can do something about the content. Many major publishers and media use tools like Wordsmith:

words - 8 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing

Or Quill:

quill - 8 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing

Devices create clickable content – news, descriptions of hotels, clothing, and products, help with reports. They use templates, fill out forms with the right words and keys, and create other unique content that is almost the same as human content.

       3. Content recommendations

Netflix and Amazon already use AI when selecting proposals for customers to continue buying and renewing subscriptions. IBM Watson and other tools help brands learn more about consumers and, based on their behaviour, offer relevant curated content.

ibm - 8 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing

UNDER ARMOUR RECORD sports network uses Watson to customize messages to app users, and the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, has created an art bot based on Watson AI. The bot communicates with museum visitors and art lovers.

       4. Social networks

Billions of people from different parts of the world communicate in one place on various topics. The desire of marketers and advertisers to take advantage of this is understandable. Social networks collect information about the preferences of users who lark or, conversely, hide advertising.

 You can remove ads and other publications from the tape and even specify why you do not want to see them:

social net - 8 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing

       5. Images

Do you like to use different funny filters and lenses? They all work based on AI image recognition.

Neural networks allow Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to turn people into funny animals or change their faces in photos.

images - 8 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing

       6. Advertising

If you promoted your site on GoogleAdWords, you must have used artificial intelligence to bet automatically. Advertisers can automatically place as low rates per click as possible to effectively attract traffic from the Google search results page.

Since recently, Adgorithms has created Albert Artificial Intelligence, which entirely takes over the management of advertising campaigns: from betting and integration to distributing messages across different platforms (email, search engines, and social networks).

Marketers only have to enter data about the desired campaign results, target audience and geographic coverage; everything else Albert will do. In this case, “he” works faster than any specialist, and can identify various niches and patterns of the purchase.

growth bot - 8 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing

       8. Sales

And finally, artificial intelligence can help marketers in sales.

Conversica created AI Angie to work for CenturyLink, one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers. The brand needed help identifying hot lids among thousands of lids that are generated every day on different platforms.

Angie sends a message to the new lids to determine if they are ready to communicate with the sales representative, which saves the specialists’ time.

conversica - 8 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing

After learning how widely AI is used in marketing, you may have started to worry about your workplace. Won’t their robots take it away? And you’re not alone.

But still, you should treat AI not as a competitor, but as an ally. AI will make social work more comfortable and more efficient, just like the internet and computers once did.

Just imagine the opportunities that marketers have before them. They can save a tremendous amount of time and resources on routine tasks, freeing it for exciting projects.

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