Technology Consulting Services

Confidently scale your IT function with personalized guidance on digital transformations, software development, cybersecurity, data management, and other strategic initiatives.

Solve Operational Bottlenecks with the Righ Technologies

Our tech consultants can help with right-sizing new software and hardware solutions, IT infrastructure management, and IT operations management support. When your business faces the following challenges, technology consulting is the best option:

Suboptimal Business IT Alignment - Technology Consulting Services

Suboptimal Business-IT Alignment

Navigate the world of emerging technologies with greater confidence by understanding how your IT functions impact key operational metrics. Locate areas for cost savings, operational efficiency gains, and revenue diversification with our advisory.

Inefficient IT Processes and Workflows  - Technology Consulting Services

Inefficient IT Processes and Workflows

Transform key business processes and underlying IT architecture to build a strong technical baseline, designed for agility, resiliency, and growth. Our consultants flag critical areas for improvement and suggest ROI-proven paths for transformation.

Limited Tech Stack Knowledge - Technology Consulting Services

Limited Tech Stack Knowledge

We help you understand the modern technology landscape in your industry and size up your competition’s strengths and weaknesses. Find untapped revenue pools and connect with new target audiences by leveraging the right digital technologies.

Missing Expertise in Digital Transformations - Technology Consulting Services

Missing Expertise in Digital Transformations

Differentiate between the hyped and actual benefits digital technologies could deliver for your business. We help you understand the value behind emerging technologies and put them at better service for your business objectives.

Benefits of Technology Consulting Services

Reimagine the role of technology in your business to operate at greater speeds, deliver better customer experiences, improve business resilience, and ultimately — increase your bottom line:

Increased expertise and knowledge in software development 1 - Technology Consulting Services

Better understanding of core
software development processes and practices

Predictable project outcomes and lower tech budget waste - Technology Consulting Services

Predictable project outcomes and
lower tech budget waste

Hand on support with digital product development across technologies - Technology Consulting Services

Hand-on support with digital
product development across technologies

Improved strategy planning and project management practices - Technology Consulting Services

Improved strategy planning and
project management practices

On demand access to senior technical experts in your domain - Technology Consulting Services

On-demand access to senior
technical experts in your domain

Higher project success rates and measurable ROI - Technology Consulting Services

Higher project success rates and
measurable ROI

Why Choose 8allocate?

Technology Strategic Guidance  1 - Technology Consulting Services

Tech Guidance

Benefit from our vendor-agnostic approach, which exposes you to flexible open-source and proprietary technology solutions, tailored to your business needs.

Industry Expertise  - Technology Consulting Services

Industry Expertise

Our IT company has a proven record of delivering the best-case outcomes for our clients across domains — from finance to education.

Innovative Solutions  - Technology Consulting Services

Innovative solutions

Receive feasibility assessments and proactive support in adopting emerging technologies at optimal cost with minimal risks.

Flexible Engagement Models 1 - Technology Consulting Services

Flexible engagement models

No rigid contracts or an unreasonable number of client pre-qualification criteria. We believe in lean, value-based IT consultancy.

Results Driven Approach  - Technology Consulting Services

Results-driven approach

You come with problems and we ensure that you leave with attainable, value-packed solutions and a clear-cut plan for execution.

Maximize the value of your next tech investment

What You Gain From Our Tech Consultancy Services

Technical maturity & IT infrastructure assessments

Feasibility analysis for new technology investments

Personalized roadmaps for new technology adoption

Risk assessment analysis for current IT estate

New IT infrastructure planning and modernization

Strategic guidance on operational IT improvements

Remediation strategies for lagging IT functions

Ongoing support with solution implementation

Our Process


Intake consultation

During a guided workshop, we’ll work together on formalizing your current concerns (and the root causes behind them) and future goals (desired outcomes and data-backed results).


IT portfolio assessment

Our goal is to evaluate your current IT maturity levels and help strengthen the weaker links. We get to know your IT ecosystem and the various components within to recommend improvements.


Processes optimization

We review your current engineering, project management, and IT operations workflows, identify areas for improvements, and recommend best practices for implementation.


Project management and delivery

8allocate helps you implement all the suggested improvements and ensure the successful development, delivery, and implementation of new technical solutions.


User training sessions

We’ll provide hands-on training to your business and IT users on the newly implemented systems, standards, and best practices. Upskill your staff with proactive support.


Performance analysis and optimization

Ensure lasting results and measurable impacts with our ongoing analysis and reporting on your operating workflows and IT infrastructure management practices.

Check 8allocate in Action

Discover how we’re helping our global clients in FinTech, EdTech, and beyond achieve meaningful business outcomes with our engineering help.

Group 34 - Technology Consulting Services
Comprehensive System Development and Modernization for Dopay
Dopay offers a streamlined process for businesses to open accounts and issue cards for their employees.
GoIT hero - Technology Consulting Services
Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning Platform
GoIT is one of the leading IT learning courses in Ukraine by the number of their graduates’ success stories.
SkyCoin hero - Technology Consulting Services
Custom Blockchain Development Project
Skycoin is an Advanced Blockchain Application Platform In The World's shaping the revolutionary ecosystem.

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    Frequently asked questions

    If you want to learn more about our services or have a specific question in mind, don’t
    hesitate to contact us — we’ll review your request and reply back shortly.

    What is technology consulting and how can it help my business?

    Technology consulting assumes strategic advisory on how businesses can put various technologies at the service of their business and capture more value from investments in various IT areas. Tech advisors evaluate your current IT portfolio and suggest areas for improvement, based on the stated goals such as higher operational efficiency, accelerated product development, cost optimization, etc.

    How do you determine which technology solutions are right for my business?

    Our tech consultants collect intake information on your needs and goals. Then conduct a series of assessments to establish a reference baseline. Afterward, we suggest various tech-driven approaches for achieving the target outcomes.

    What kind of expertise do your technology consultants have?

    Our technology consultants are senior IT executives with an extensive background in IT operations, digital product development, data analytics, and other tech areas. We also pair you with consultants who have first-hand experience in your business domain.

    How do you ensure that your technology solutions are secure and reliable?

    Our company adheres to security-by-design principles. In other words, we incorporate cybersecurity best practices at the development stage (rather than an afterthought) to ensure airtight protection. Likewise, we conduct thorough quality assurance to identify and mitigate potential performance issues early in the development stage.

    How do you keep up with the latest technology trends and developments?

    Our technology consultants are active practitioners, not just advisors. Many are engaged as senior advisors on client projects in Architect, Lead, and Manager roles. We also invest in workforce development — invest in professional training, workshops, conference attendances, and mentorship sessions.