Team Augmentation Service

Get extra software engineering talent as and when you need them. With team extension services, your business can maintain high product development speeds without any hiring constraints.

Challenges Team Augmentation Service Solves

IT plays a pivotal role in every business. But competent tech talent is hard to find. When your business faces the following challenges, a team augmentation is the best option:

Tech Talent Gaps - Team Augmentation Service

Tech Talent Gaps

Augment your understaffed, overwhelmed teams with extra engineering talent to meet ambitious goals and tight deadlines on time and on budget.

Missing Tech Expertise - Team Augmentation Service

Missing Tech Expertise

Add new tech competencies to your team to accelerate digital transformations. We provide you with IT specialists who fit your project needs on demand.

Shifting Capacity Demands - Team Augmentation Service

Shifting Capacity Demands

Pursue new growth avenues — short- or long-term — with greater flexibility. Flexibility change your team size and composition to better respond to market fluctuations and new growth opportunities.

Tight Labor Market - Team Augmentation Service

Tight Labor Market

Source the brightest minds globally instead of competing for scarce local talent. We introduce you to the best people in the industry, who cannot be poached by your competitors.

Benefits of the Team Augmentation Service

Our engineers become a remote extension of your in-house team, helping you achieve more ambitious business goals with fewer operational constraints:

Increased productivity and access to specialized skills and expertise 1 - Team Augmentation Service

Access to in-demand IT skillsets and
technical expertise

Seamless integration with in house teams - Team Augmentation Service

Seamless integration
with in-house teams

Flexible staffing aligned with your business growth cycle - Team Augmentation Service

Flexible staffing, aligned with
your business growth cycle

Agile collaboration and proactive knowledge exchanges - Team Augmentation Service

Agile collaboration and
proactive knowledge exchanges

Faster time to market for new products without compromises on quality - Team Augmentation Service

Faster time-to-market for
new products
without compromises on quality

Lean workforce management with lower overhead costs - Team Augmentation Service

Lean workforce management with
lower overhead costs

Why Choose 8allocate?

Proven Cross Domain Expertise  - Team Augmentation Service

Cross-Domain Expertise

We combine Agile software development practices with our tech and business acumen in multiple markets to generate value for global businesses.

Transparent Collaboration 1 1 - Team Augmentation Service

Transparent Collaboration

Our teams work in the open, communicate frequently, and seek out feedback to ensure smooth and flexible remote collaboration with clients.

Business Focused Approach  - Team Augmentation Service

Strong Business Orientation

Your dedicated software development team adapts to the ebbs and flows in your market, helping you push forward with your agenda and mitigate risks.

Faster Time to Market 1 1 - Team Augmentation Service

Faster Time-to-Market

Get the IT talent for your project within 72 hours. Capture more market share while your competitors play catch up.

Long Term Partnership  - Team Augmentation Service

Long-Term Partnerships

We don’t just do sprints; we’re here for the marathon. Clients stay with 8allocate for 2 years on average because of our ability to unceasingly deliver consistent results.

Get matched with top tech talent!

What You Gain with a Team Augmentation Service

Tight collaboration with the in-house team(s) on project requirements and goals

Extra operational support and tech knowledge you need to move forward

Full integration into your company’s SDLC and standard workflows

Lean software development and integrated quality assurance

Proactive advisory and tech knowledge exchanges

Transparent communication and high engagement

Tech support and maintenance for completed projects

Continuous improvement in alignment and personal productivity

Continuous increase in team delivery pace and performance levels

Our Process


Requirements gathering

To match you with the best candidates, we need to first understand your, needs, goals, and technical requirements. During a free consulting session, we’ll help you identify the optimal team size and composition.


Talent match-making

Based on the intake information, we’ll screen pre-vetted candidates from our global talent pool. We evaluate each candidate based on their tech competencies, business domain expertise, and personality traits to ensure you get the optimal fit.


Hiring and onboarding

Approve your top contenders during 1:1 interviews — and we’ll finalize the rest: Legal contracts, onboarding, training, integration, and all other admin overheads. Together, we’ll help your newest team members settle into productive mode fast.


Integration and collaboration

Past onboarding, our team continues to collaborate with you on talent integration. Our goal is to help you build an organic, remote extension of your in-house IT function with the same operating standards, standard workflows, and efficiency levels.


Management and oversight

We ensure that your IT staff does their best work and consistently meets all expectations through proactive management, performance coaching, and professional development. No concern is left unaddressed, ever.

Check 8allocate in Action

Discover how we’re helping our global clients in FinTech, EdTech, and beyond achieve meaningful business outcomes with our engineering help.

Group 34 - Team Augmentation Service
Comprehensive System Development and Modernization for Dopay
Dopay offers a streamlined process for businesses to open accounts and issue cards for their employees.
GoIT hero - Team Augmentation Service
Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning Platform
GoIT is one of the leading IT learning courses in Ukraine by the number of their graduates’ success stories.
SkyCoin hero - Team Augmentation Service
Custom Blockchain Development Project
Skycoin is an Advanced Blockchain Application Platform In The World's shaping the revolutionary ecosystem.

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    Frequently asked questions

    If you want to learn more about our services or have a specific question in mind, don’t
    hesitate to contact us — we’ll review your request and reply back shortly.

    What is team augmentation and how does it work?

    Team augmentation is an IT outsourcing service model that allows you to augment your core IT workforce with remote software developers. The extended team is fully aligned with corporate operational practices, quality standards, and KPIs. Essentially, it operates just like another in-house unit, but from another geographic location.

    What are the benefits of team augmentation?

    The benefits of team augmentation include on-demand access to niche skill sets and technical competencies; faster hiring and onboarding when compared to hiring full-time employees; flexible staffing for short-term and/or R&D projects, as well as higher business performance through faster time-to-market.

    How do you ensure that team augmentation members are a good fit for our project?

    We carefully evaluate your project requirements, corporate goals, and operational practices to identify the right tech talent for your company. Afterward, we screen relevant candidates: Conduct technical and personality-based interviews, competency checks, and background verifications before presenting shortlisted hires to you.

    How do you manage remote team members and ensure they are working efficiently?

    Team augmentation assumes co-management. On our end, we provide the talent with all the hardware and software they need to perform the job. Then we ensure that remote team members are integrated into your operating infrastructure: Havae access to project management software, development environments, and necessary communication channels. Day-to-day team management is on you.

    How do you ensure that the project remains within budget?

    During the onboarding stage, we work with our clients to establish a clear scope and a respective budget for the project. Our project management team monitors spending and regularly reports on the financial and operational metrics. We also offer a flexible pricing model that allows clients to adjust the team size and composition to circumnavigate monetary constraints. Team extension is an IT outsourcing service model that allows you to augment your core IT workforce with remote software developers. The extended team is fully aligned with corporate operational practices, quality standards, and KPIs. Essentially, it operates just like another in-house team, but from another geographic location.