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Money Transfer Web Application

Solution:Dedicated FinTech Dev Team
Business Domain: FinTech
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Our Client is one of the world’s leading providers of online money transfer services (under NDA). They were looking to extend their Spain-based FinTech team offshore and increase development bandwidth without increasing substantially the investment.

They hired us for their web application development while keeping their mobile app dev and QA in-house.

We’ve set up the client’s dedicated development team in our Ukraine-based Offshore Development Center consisting of the following roles:
– One senior Java backend developer who also acted as a Tech Lead
– One middle Java backend developer
– Two junior Java backend developers
– One trainee (a Java graduate from our Coding Bootcamp)

The total monthly cost of a 5-person offshore team made about $21,000, including all taxes, social packages, and our management fee.

Time to build and onboard the team in Ukraine – 4 weeks, including all interviews by the Client.


This is an ongoing project. The Client uses their offshore team with us to improve and support the existing solution, as well as test and build new functional features.