Product Discovery Service

Go from a rough ‘concept’ to a validated ‘market-ready’ product with our Product Discovery service.

Solve The Common Challenges of Digital Product Development

New products have a high chance of success and failure. A product discovery phase is recommended whenever you’re facing the following challenges:

Missing Customer Knowledge  - Product Discovery Service

Missing Customer Knowledge

The best products serve a particular audience segment and solve a specific problem. Our team performs user and market research to frame the main product hypotheses and define the solution scope.

Unfamiliar Market Landscape  - Product Discovery Service

Unfamiliar Market Landscape

Determine the optimal product-market fit for your idea with our analysis of the key competitors, major trends, and new revenue opportunities. Rely on data-backed insights to evaluate the opportunity size and scope.

Incomplete Product Roadmap - Product Discovery Service

Incomplete Product Roadmap

We help you shape your product vision into a set of features you need to build and a business model you need to create to attract the target audience and meet business objectives. Plus, suggest the best technologies to use.

Balancing technical feasibility and user needs - Product Discovery Service

Balancing technical feasibility and user needs

Moonshot ideas may sound promising, but they may be almost impossible to deliver. Our team can help you identify critical constraints and suggest viable solutions to complex technical and user requirements.

Benefits of Product Discovery Service

Get a holistic view of project timelines, work dependencies, and budgets to stay on a successful track with our product discovery services:

In depth market and user research to guide product development - Product Discovery Service

In-depth market and user research to
guide product development

Validated product use cases and requirements to avoid costly mistakes - Product Discovery Service

Validated product use cases and requirements to avoid costly mistakes

Minimization of product development risks through early stage testing and validation - Product Discovery Service

Minimization of product development risks through early-stage testing and validation

Faster time to market through early bottleneck identification and resolution - Product Discovery Service

Faster time-to-market through early
bottleneck identification and resolution

Higher product adoption rates and customer satisfaction through data driven development - Product Discovery Service

Higher product adoption rates and
customer satisfaction through
data-driven development

Stong product strategy alignment with business goals for long term success - Product Discovery Service

Strong product strategy alignment with business goals for long-term success

Why Choose 8allocate?

Research  - Product Discovery Service

Data-backed strategy

Start a project with a sharp product vision, validated assumptions, and strong knowledge of the target market, based on real-world evidence.

Flexible engagement models Customized solutions  - Product Discovery Service

Customized solutions

Reach your business objectives faster with personalized recommendations, unique insights, and customizable IT service delivery models.

Agile Methodology  - Product Discovery Service

Agile Methodology

Accelerate time-to-value with an adaptable, iterative, product discovery and product engineering process, based on Agile practices.

User Centric Approach  - Product Discovery Service

User-Centric Approach

Launch a product that your target audience will care about with features that will entice fast adoption and continuous usage.

Experienced Team  - Product Discovery Service

Experienced Team

Partner with senior product managers, UX/UI designers, and engineers, who successfully brought high-growth software products to the global markets.

Turn Your Business Idea Into a ‘Market-Ready’ Product

What You Gain from Product Discovery Service

Comprehensive market, competition, and user research; product-market-fit validation

Set of user personas, based on user interviews, quantitative and qualitative research

Prioritized list of product features and user stories, based on audience research

User journey maps, wireframes, and interactive prototype for idea validation

Product hypotheses validation through user testing and data analysis

Guided product ideation sessions with your team and project stakeholders

Data-backed advice on product strategy, roadmap, and pricing

Definition of project scope, timeline, and budget for the discovery phase

Regular status updates and ongoing reporting on our progress

Proactive assistance with any challenges or blockers your teams encounter at this stage

Our Process


Project initiation

Together, we identify your project goals and business objectives, plus formalize a list of requirements. Product discovery is a collaborative process, so we’d need to get in touch with the key stakeholders and establish communication channels.


Information gathering

We will request you to share initial project information such as your business goals, key value proposition, user research, technological preferences, and known constraints to understand the broader context of your software product.


Analysis and assessment

Our team schedules extra interviews to get stakeholder feedback and conducts independent market, user, and competition research to develop product assumptions and hypotheses for validation.


Solution design

Based on the collected data, our solution architects design the reference system architecture; propose the optimal technology stack, user interface design, and functional specifications. You will receive structural blueprints of how your product will be implemented.


Prototyping (optional)

To validate specific assumptions, we can first develop an interactive prototype or proof-of-concept solution such as a minimum viable product (MVP) or a limited-scope demo to collect further feedback.


Project planning

We’ll prepare a product roadmap and suggested development timeline, based on your budget. We proactively inform you of the risks and possible blockers, which you should address at your end prior to project kick-off.

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Group 34 - Product Discovery Service
Comprehensive System Development and Modernization for Dopay
Dopay offers a streamlined process for businesses to open accounts and issue cards for their employees.
GoIT hero - Product Discovery Service
Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning Platform
GoIT is one of the leading IT learning courses in Ukraine by the number of their graduates’ success stories.
SkyCoin hero - Product Discovery Service
Custom Blockchain Development Project
Skycoin is an Advanced Blockchain Application Platform In The World's shaping the revolutionary ecosystem.

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Turn Your Business Idea Into a ‘Market-Ready’ Product

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    Frequently asked questions

    If you want to learn more about our services or have a specific question in mind, don’t
    hesitate to contact us — we’ll review your request and reply back shortly.

    What is product discovery?

    Product discovery is a collaborative process of creating an optimal product (solution) that meets the end user’s needs. It helps develop a better understanding of the target market and competitive landscape, sharpen your product vision, and determine the initial scope, timeline, and budget for new product development.

    What is the goal of product discovery?

    The goal of product discovery is to help businesses develop a clear understanding of their target audience, their needs, preferences, pain points, and aspirations. This customer knowledge is then used to decide which features you need to build, which business model to use, and how to best differentiate from the competition.

    What is included in a product discovery engagement?

    A product discovery engagement typically includes end-to-end support with product development roadmap creation. The standard steps are user and market research, competitor analysis, prototyping, product hypothesis validation, a list of requirements finalization, and product development plan creation.

    How long does a product discovery engagement typically take?

    The length of a product discovery engagement varies based on the project scope and business requirements, but it typically takes anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks.

    Who should consider a product discovery engagement?

    A product discovery engagement is recommended for companies, considering digital product development outside of their core competencies. It’s particularly useful for high-risk (and high-reward) innovative products aimed towards a new target audience, target market (or both).

    How does the product discovery process work?

    The product discovery process is a methodical investigation of your product idea, which assumes ongoing collaboration between business stakeholders and the product advisory team. The standard steps include research, ideation, prototyping, and validation.

    How do I get started with a product discovery engagement?

    To obtain product discovery services, contact 8allocate via our website. Our consultants will reach out to you to schedule a free intake session to better understand your needs and introduce you to our process and service models.