Managed Projects

Are you on a limited/fixed budget while having set project goals and a detailed technical requirements specification?

Planning to launch a new software product without establishing a permanent development team?

How it works

Discovery session

We hold a Discovery session where you sit together with our PMs and BAs and share your project goals, requirements, and expectations. We collect them, verify, and suggest a technological solution to best meet your project needs. As a result, we put together a detailed technical requirements specification.

Estimate project

We evaluate and estimate the project, define the project plan, milestones and schedule as well as risk management and mitigations. As a result, we give you the total cost of your project development and make a proposal.

Allocate resources

We allocate resources and hold a kickoff session. Ongoing incremental checkpoints, status updates and calls are held through the entire lifecycle of your project. We ensure 24/7 project status tracking.

What’s In It For You?

Reduce and mitigate risks with early Discovery

Access niche-specific and narrow-focus experts (2-3x cheaper than in your home country)

Scale up and down depending on your current budget and technology needs

Fast and easy project kickoff (you can have a team working on your project within a couple of weeks)

Dedicated PM / Scrum Master / Proxy Product Owner

Fixed price / T&M / hybrid engagement models

Extensive expertise transfer from offshore to in-house/onshore

process - Managed Projects

8allocate team will have your back

Don’t wait until someone else will benefit from your project ideas. Realize it now.