Managed IT Services

Avoid expensive and time-consuming recruitment and establishing a permanent team — just let us get your business running, and help you with monitoring, improvements, and optimization.

What we offer as managed IT services provider

We understand the impact managed services may have on our customers’ business, and strive to provide them with comprehensive coverage of all the needs that may arise during their routine operations, as well as processes of transforming, improving or scaling their digital solutions.

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Network & servers monitoring and management

To maintain your system fully functional, we provide comprehensive monitoring of every network component, deal with issues emerging, and strive to mitigate risks before they actually arise. We apply a comprehensive yet transparent process that prevents downtime and provide you with timely and clear reporting.

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Security monitoring & audit

We incorporate advanced security monitoring practices to prevent fraud and deal with cyberattacks rapidly. As an experienced managed IT services provider, we also have a clear focus on complying with industry-specific and international security regulations and help our customers meet the highest security standards.

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Data management and recovery

Based on the specific business requirements, we adjust and implement our data management practices. They include ensuring data security, establishing transparent accountability, complying with data management regulations, executing regular data backups and providing recovery services in case there arises a need for that.

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Cloud administration

As cloud storage utilization emerges as an industry standard, we can help you by executing cloud backups, cloud migration, and other activities. We focus on ensuring our clients have secure solutions that are well-prepared for scaling and demonstrate fast response time. We also take over monitoring, updating, implementing integrations, and reporting.

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Consultancy services

We operate in several markets and have quite an experience in delivering fast, secure, and efficient software solutions — moreover, our developers have expertise not only in maintaining but building them. Thus, we’re able to consult our clients on how to deal effectively with all the tasks mentioned above as well as optimize and empower with best practices.

How do our managed services work for IT projects?

Discovery session

As an experienced managed IT projects company, we strive to ensure the fact our efforts will maximize your maintenance and support activities efficiency. We hold a discovery session where you sit together with our PMs and BAs and share your project goals, requirements, and expectations. We collect them, verify them, and suggest a technological solution to best meet your project needs. As a result, we put together a detailed technical requirements specification.

Estimate project

We evaluate and estimate the project, define the project plan, milestones and schedule as well as risk management and ways to mitigate them. As a result, we give you the total cost of your project development and make a proposal.

Allocate resources

We allocate resources and hold a kickoff session. Ongoing incremental checkpoints, status updates and calls are held through the entire lifecycle of your project. With our managed IT support services, you can always count on getting provided with timely updates, transparent information sharing, and 24/7 project status tracking.

What’s In It For You?

Reduce and mitigate risks with early discovery

Access niche-specific and narrow-focus experts (2-3x cheaper than in your home country)

Scale the team up and down depending on the project current budget, technology requirements — as a managed IT services company, we can hire engineers rapidly

Fast and easy project kickoff (you can have a team working on your project within a couple of weeks)

We provide a dedicated PM / Scrum Master / Proxy Product Owner, so you always have a skilled professional as a contact point

Flexible engagement — we work with Fixed price, Time and material, as well as hybrid engagement models

Extensive expertise transfer from offshore to in-house/onshore

Why choose our managed IT support?

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It might be costly to hire technical professionals in certain regions, and there are also risks of recruiting a specialist that has no relevant experience to help your digital solution. As managed IT support company, we take over the recruiting activities. We hire professionals exclusively for your project, thus, so they not only have advanced skills in applying relevant technologies but also are motivated to maintain and improve your application.

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Broader expertise

This point is a combination of two. Firstly, as a company, we have helped over three dozens of clients and obtained expertise dealing with tech and non-tech issues in industries from e-commerce to aviation. Secondly, we are based in Ukraine — one of the largest technical talent pools in the world, so it will not be a problem to find and recruit an engineer with suitable skills.

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Focus on business objectives

We have a background in creating software from scratch and helping our clients enter the market successfully. Our engineers basically think in terms of business success, and focus on the solutions your business will benefit most, not on the ones that are the easiest to implement.

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Highest security standards

Finding experienced security specialists to complete an in-house team of a small or mid-sized company may be tough. We have a proper set of practices that help us find, identify whether their skills match your exact request, and recruit security professionals able to cover everything from monitoring to risks mitigation and fraud detection.

Frequently asked questions

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you need to learn more.

What are the IT managed support services?

Under such services usually imply a set of functions focused on maintenance, support, and ensuring flawless routine operations execution. The set of services may include security monitoring and management, network & servers monitoring and management, data backups and recovery, data analytics, cloud administration, and consultancy services. Managed services may be especially beneficial when you have no resources or desire to build an in-house support unit.

How can my business benefit from your managed IT services and support?

One of the most essential benefits is cost savings — you don’t spend money on recruitment, such services cost less than having an in-house team, and you can easily cut your team in case your needs decreased. Besides this, managed teams often have broad experience dealing with issues that may arise since they accomplished project for other clients.

How do you provide IT managed services and support?

We have a simple process that consists of three steps. Firstly, we conduct discovery to better understand your request and how we can help you. Secondly, we estimate the project, create a plan and create a proposal. Then we allocate resources — and that’s all!

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