Rejuvenation of a Genealogy Social Network


Web and mobile applications development

Business domain:

Social network; Genealogy

Technology and tools:

PHP, Java, React, Jenkins, AWS

MyHeritage is an online genealogy platform with web, mobile, and software products and services, which was launched in 2003 by an Israeli startup and, since that time, have helped billions of people to find their family members and build highly accurate genealogy trees.

Executive Summary

In 2003, MyHeritage launched their social network to help people find their relatives all over the world. Since that time, MyHeritage has grown from a small startup into a global social networking platform and certainly needed a partner to help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals in terms of further platform development.

Challenge and Objectives

With so many software development firms available for contracting today, it is always a challenge to find that special one that complies with all the qualification requirements and is able to bring in some fresh blood to the product. This was the challenge MyHeritage had to overcome to meet their business objectives, which were as follows:

  1. Hire an experienced and skilled software company that would help MyHeritage’s core development team to make the product better in all aspects
  2. Find a good balance between the contractor’s skills and pay level to be able to invest the saved costs into what really matters, that is, into the Product
  3. Continue to enhance the Product with an increased pace in order to be able to keep up with the customers’ needs
MyHeritage challenge - Rejuvenation of a Genealogy Social Network

How Product/Service Helped

8allocate joined the MyHeritage project as an offshore partner possessing multiple years of experience in combating the challenge of custom software development. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the IT professionals market, 8allocate has developed a streamlined multi-tier process that helps us find the real gems of software development in a quick and reliable manner. 


8allocate’s expertise and dedication helped us develop some outstanding features to make the MyHeritage beautiful product even better:

  1. MyHeritage In Color™ – a feature that beautifully restores faded color photos using AI technology licensed from DeOldify
  2. MyHeritage Photo Enhancer – an outstanding photorecovery tool that makes historical photos look absolutely modern
  3. Genetic Groups – a feature that provides the highest resolution ethnicity breakdown available on the market, covering over 2,000 geographic regions
  4. Family Tree Fan View – a useful and attractive visualization of subscribers’ family trees, displaying a root individual and their direct ancestors for several generations

These new features designed and developed by 8allocate enabled MyHeritage to furnish their customers with tons of new emotions and made their user experience even more delightful.


Going with 8allocate as an offshore partner made it possible for MyHeritage not to lose time and resources on searching, testing, and hiring the needed software developers and paying their taxes and so on. All these boring though important aspects were substituted by contracting 8allocate, and MyHeritage obtained an opportunity to fully focus on purely business operations crucial for their business strategy.

Technologies and integrations

php logo - Rejuvenation of a Genealogy Social NetworkPHP
java logo - Rejuvenation of a Genealogy Social NetworkJava
reactjs logo - Rejuvenation of a Genealogy Social NetworkReact

jenkins logo - Rejuvenation of a Genealogy Social NetworkJenkins

aws l - Rejuvenation of a Genealogy Social NetworkAWS

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