SolutionsManaged projects
You give us your product concept and we deliver a fully market-ready solution on time and on your budget!
Are you looking to outsource your project development to a specialist external provider without facing the risks of managing additional projects?

Are you on a limited/fixed budget while having set project goals and a detailed technical requirements specification?

Are you planning to launch a new software product without establishing a permanent development team?

Our Managed Project can be the best solution to your current problems!

How it works

You sit together with our PMs and BAs and share your project goals, requirements and expectations. We collect them, verify, and suggest changes/improvements to best meet your project needs. As a result, we put together a detailed technical requirements specification

We evaluate and estimate the project, define the project plan, milestones and schedule as well as risk management and mitigations. As a result, we give you the total cost of your project development.

We allocate resources and hold a kickoff session. Ongoing incremental checkpoints, status updates and calls are held through the entire lifecycle of your project. We ensure 24/7 project status tracking.

What’s in it for you?

  • Reduce and mitigate risk management
  • Access niche-specific and narrow-focus experts
  • Scale up and down as your market situations change
  • Fast and easy project kickoff
  • Dedicated PM / Scrum Master / Proxy Product Owner
  • Fixed price / T&M model friendly
  • Extensive expertise transfer from offshore to in-house/onshore