Our Work

MVP Development for CryptoRated

Solution:Dedicated Development Team
Business Domain: Crypto
Technology and Tools:

PHP, jQuery, Moment.js, Javascript, Jquery, React, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

CryptoRated is a daughter company of Zirra, a leading AI report generator for private companies. CryptoRated was created with the aim of cleaning up the crypto investment industry by creating 100% transparent rating methods which are unbiased and objective. The company was looking to build an MVP of their crypto reviews website in order to gather feedback and evaluate functional features prior to investing in full-fledged product development.

CryptoRated was looking to hire a team of remote programmers to take over and finish a project started by an unreliable freelance developer who was able to execute about 30% of backend dev work.

We’ve allocated resources and set up a team of developers to complete the Client’s project.

We’ve built and delivered an MVP of a unique ICO reviews solution that was further developed into a full-fledged product with many backend and API integrations. While other ICO review websites contain ratings based on individual contributors and their feedback, CryptoRated utilizes APIs, variety of tools and thought leadership to give you stats, insights and other details about ICO, which facilitates ICO investment decision making.