Our Work

Distributed Immutable Data Storage Development

Solution:Dedicated Blockchain Development Team
Business Domain: Crypto/Security
Technology and Tools:

Blockchain, AWS, .Net

Our Client is one of Europe’s leading providers of cryptographic software solutions (under NDA). Their encryption libraries, services, and public key management infrastructure help ease the pain of development, deployment and use of robust cryptography for many businesses. The client’s solutions enable a new generation of enhanced privacy and security for mobile and web applications, cloud services, and the Internet of Things.

The Client turned to us with the following need: they were looking to extend their distributed software development team to build an application to be used for one-to-one product demo to potential users at different trade shows and conferences.

We set up the Client’s extended dedicated software team in our ODC in Kyiv, Ukraine. The team was composed of a project manager, .Net developer and a blockchain developer. The project scope consisted of developing a distributed immutable data storage based on Blockchain that should be used for tracking changes in documents. Each document was to be hashed and encrypted with Blockchain. Making a tiny change to document credentials had to result in a new hashed document being created.

It took us about a week to set up a team, onboard software developers, and bring it up to speed. The demo app was completed and delivered in only 3 weeks from the project start.

After using this demo application as marketing material in a few conferences, the Client started getting requests for immutable database implementation from companies all over the world.

Thanks to the solution, the Client was able to:

  • Save internal team resources for core product development;
  • Decreased time to develop storage from several months (as was provided in most estimates from other custom dev service providers they were in touch with) to only 3 weeks (thanks to our trusted resource partners and internal expertise);
  • Product visualization helped increase the target audience’s awareness of cryptographic opportunities of embedded databases and Blockchain risk-reduction.