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Dedicated Golang Dev Team for Skycoin

Solution:Extended Team
Business Domain: FinTech/Blockchain
Technology and Tools:


Skycoin is a 3rd generation blockchain platform that aims to build a “new internet” that is global, decentralized, and not controlled by any country.

They had a problem finding experienced Golang developers within a short period. They needed to execute several development tasks, but couldn’t reach good developers, system architects, team leaders, and so on.

The company had 2–3 urgent development tasks that required special capacity in technical domains, along with ones in management.

“We were unable to hire inland, so we approached 8allocate. and asked them to allocate several technology leaders from their core development team. The specific scope was for Golang and a few frameworks that weren’t too common at that time. We finished the scope of the project successfully and released the team.”

Tal D., external consultant

8allocate set up a Dedicated Dev Team for Skycoin in our R&D in Kyiv, Ukraine.


The guys at 8allocate did tremendous work in finding the exact profiles we were looking for and preparing them for interviews. We had several technical and motivational interviews, and the candidates were well-prepared for them. Out of five people, we hired four within two weeks. All of them outdid themselves during the project.

I got to work with a professional team for every aspect of the project, starting from identifying the client’s needs, through to the hiring process and the people we brought in. They prepared the right financial offers for the resources, hired, and onboarded them. Everything was professional, focused, and very efficient.

We were able to complete the recruitment within a period of days. The interview/hire ratio was amazing, with over 80% hires. 8allocate. did all the backend work of rejecting unsuccessful candidates.

I’ve worked with more than three companies that offer co-development teams. What differentiates 8allocate. is that they think of the long-term and they become partners. They’re honest and dedicated to our success, even for small projects, so we never felt like a small, negligible client. This made a lot of difference; we felt that we could start small and grow with them.

Tal D., external consultant