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Automated Ad Placement Management App For OnwardClick

Solution:Managed Project (T&M)
Business Domain: AdTech
Technology and Tools:

PHP, AngularJS

OnwardClick is an online advertising network that connects advertisers to the exact audience they want to reach when users are most engaged. They call it ‘the right person, on the right device, at the right time, with the right content’.

The company outsourced the development of a robust Web application for automated analysis of Publisher and Advertiser activities and semi-automated optimization of Ad campaigns to achieve the best possible CPI & CPC and minimize chargebacks.

It took us 400 hours to build and deliver the required solution according to the client’s specification.

The application performs the following tasks:

  • Real-time analysis of Publisher and Advertiser data from each campaign;
  • Hourly alerts in case of potentially problematic events such as a sudden drop in coverage or a high percentage of suspicious traffic;
  • Configurable rule-based traffic optimization suggestions;
  • Convenient visual analytics providing useful insights on each campaign’s activities;
  • Multi-user access with role management

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