Our Work

AI-Based Customer Success Solution

Solution:Dedicated AI Development Team
Business Domain: eCommerce
Technology and Tools:

AI, Machine Learning, Python, Java, JavaScript


Our Client is one of Europe’s leading online retailers (under NDA). In 2015, they started implementing Customer Success methodology as a way to increase the customer base and sales and reduce expenditures.


The Client hired us for building a web app based on AI and machine learning algorithms. AI allows dividing all customers into more than 100 segments based on their geography, purchase frequency, number of items added to a shopping cart and a lot of other criteria. The web app also uses AI to run and manage soft-core and unintrusive alerts and email send-outs with high open and response rates (89% and 25% respectively).


The new AI-based customer success solution allowed the Client to increase its conversion rate from 0.68% to 4.1% eight months after the release. Currently, 8allocate supports the solution on a 24/7 basis.