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AI-Based Chatbot Development for Real Estate

Solution:Managed Project (T&M)
Business Domain: Real Estate
Technology and Tools:

Python, Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML)

Our Client (under NDA) is a US-based real estate developer that was looking to build a custom AI-based chatbot to help generate leads and attract investments in new apartments and residential space. The chatbot was to be integrated with the Client’s Facebook ad campaigns aimed at word of mouth and lead gen.

The company turned to 8allocate for custom AI chatbot development. The project comprised of the following phases:

  • Command language user interpreter – 50 hours;
  • Natural language user interface – 150 hours;
  • Business logic created from scratch – 180 hours;
  • Integration with WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger – 40 hours per one messenger (total of 160 hours)

The chatbot we built and delivered has the following functional features:

  • Automatic identification of user preferences and what apartments they’re likely to like better than others;
  • User data collection;
  • Automatic submission of all user requests and inquiries to respective sales and account managers;
  • User behavior analysis, gaps detection, data-based decision making;
  • Feedback gathering;
  • Creation of individual sales funnels and guided user journeys to increase conversion;
  • Push notifications and alerts system


The chatbot was used as an auxiliary tool to reinforce lead generation via Facebook ads. In 10 days upon the launch, the company got 1,064 ad clicks leading to chatbot activation that, in turn, held 243 user conversations. This resulted in 60 prequalified leads and 3 purchases (5% conversion rate). The 10-days ad budget was only $100.

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