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Adstream Ads Analyzer

Solution:Managed Project
Business Domain: AdTech/Media
Technology and Tools:

Java Flex

Based in Australia, AdStream is the first Connectivity Suite for the ad industry, combining collaboration tools, digital asset management, a global distribution network and powerful analytics to provide smarter, more collaborative advertising workflows.

The company was looking to outsource the development of its Web-based application for the automated analysis of flash and video advertisements. We’ve allocated resources and built a managed project team to help Adstream meet its immediate web development needs.

It took our team 400 man-hours to build and deliver a web-based application to the Client. The web application performs the following tasks:
– SWF file disassembly;
– Analysis of assembler code to check various conditions, including whether flash banner has non-user initiated sound playback; whether flash banner performs any external URL callbacks; size and length of animation, etc.

Java dev project