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SkyCoin hero 1 - Expertise
Development of a Pivotal Component for a Logistics SaaS Platform
Quincus is an enterprise SaaS platform that resolves daily supply chain challenges throughout the entire network.
SkyCoin hero - Expertise
Custom Blockchain Development Project
Skycoin is an Advanced Blockchain Application Platform In The World's shaping the revolutionary ecosystem.
qSpark hero - Expertise
24/7/365 Technical Support for a Trading Platform
qSpark is a leading provider of ultra low latency trading platforms for high-frequency algorithmic trading.
MyHeritage hero - Expertise
Rejuvenation of a Genealogy Social Network
MyHeritage is an online genealogy platform that helped billions of people to find their family members and build highly accurate genealogy trees.
GoIT hero - Expertise
Gamification and Visualization for e-Learning Platform
GoIT is one of the leading IT learning courses in Ukraine by the number of their graduates’ success stories.
SolarGaps card - Expertise
Smartifying SolarGaps Product with Native Apps
SolarGaps is a Ukrainian technology startup that have become world's first smart solar blinds.
rtl telematics block - Expertise
Migration to a new platform for RTL Telematics
Take advantage of easier fleet and transport management, administration, fuel consumption reduction, and enhance security.
Group 34 - Expertise
Frontend decisions for Dopay
Open accounts for your employees and freelancers, and issue prepaid cards powered by Mastercard. Fast, easy, and convenient.
case3 1 - Expertise
Full technical update for e-commerce platform
Client is one of the leading e-commerce projects in Europe