RTL Telematics

Take advantage of easier fleet and transport management, administration, fuel consumption reduction, and enhance security.

RTL Telematics, now — part of AddSecure, makes it easier to monitor, analyze, and manage fleet and transport with a focus on enhancing security and efficiency. It provides a comprehensive set of features like vehicle tracking, temperature monitoring, driver performance, and safety improvement across several industries.

Camera telematics enhances data security and critical communications and provides logistics businesses with stable, long-term value.

3 engineers


Transportation and Logistics

Front-end development


Help RTL Telematics migrate to a new platform, empower it with new functionalities and modules, and ensure final solution high quality

  1. Transfer data and functionalities from a no longer supported platform to a newer one and ensure final product integrity
  2. Deal with bugs and empower system with an up-to-date technical solutions
  3. Build a strategy of functionalities migration
rtl telematics challenge - RTL Telematics


  1. Create event visualization widget
    To make processes and events illustrative and improve the information flow efficiency, we’ve created a widget that allows events visualization on the map and uses clusterization to avoid overlapping.
  2. Create a CSV import component
    To ease and speed up the data transfer process, we’ve created a CSV import component. Also, we’ve incorporated several dozen small features to meet logistics businesses’ specifics and ease management.
  3. Create a knowledge base widget
    To save managers’ and admins’ time and provide team members with easy access to corporate information, we’ve created a fast and easy-to-use knowledge base widget.
  4. Introduce approaches to make development faster and easier
    We’ve incorporated several technologies and approaches to save development time and costs and bring results faster. For instance, we introduced Babel.JS compiler to achieve compatibility with more browsers.
  5. Re-build features
    To bring the ability to set up, debug, and manage devices in a convenient way, we’ve helped our customer redesign one of the existing features, empower it with the latest tech, and bring it to desktop and mobile.

We’ve not only helped RTL Telematics and AddSecure empower their product with new functionalities and latest tech but introduced new approaches to the development. Thus, our customer got faster and more efficient processes enhanced with automation.

Fast, modern, and convenient system that brings outstanding security, management, tracking, and analysis — that’s what RTL Telematics and AddSecure created with us.

Louis Kinsbergen - RTL Telematics

We need to make sure that everything always works properly and a 24/7 team helps us by monitoring the performance of our platform.

Louis Kinsbergen, CTO at PX


RTL Telematics, rebranded to AddSecure, helps customers in more than 20 countries across Transports & Logistics, Plant & Agriculture, and other industries. With 880+ employees, it’s considered one of the leading IoT solutions providers.

Technologies and integrations

github - RTL TelematicsGit
grunt js - RTL TelematicsGrunt
babel js mini - RTL TelematicsBabel
lodash js - RTL TelematicsLodash
angular js - RTL TelematicsAngular
angular js - RTL TelematicsAngular Material
Akita js - RTL TelematicsAkita
Leaflet js - RTL TelematicsLeaflet
Highcharts js - RTL TelematicsHighcharts

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