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8allocate Ranks 1st Among Best Web Development Companies in Ukraine

Vik Bogdanov
Senior Contributor

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We’re thrilled to announce that CrowdReviews, a Buyers’ Guide based on client reviews, has featured us as the #1 company in Ukraine for web development services.

We rank 1st with the crowd score of 56.8 points that are comprised of a review score (37 out of 50), engagement (1.5 out of 10), and verified review (15 out of 15).


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In addition, we have the following ranks on the CrowdReviews website:

CrowdReviews uses a standardized algorithm which automatically determines the rankings of the companies based on their achievements and reviews.

We’re looking forward to improving our ranks and staying ahead of the competition by going the extra mile to delight our clients and building a long-term strategic relationship with them that will translate into a higher number of positive client reviews, better track record, and overall industry recognition.

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